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Submersible type is suitable in deep wells or open pool. It also can use in water tank. This pump can be submerged without long-term maintenance. Waste water or sandy environment can't be used. During operation, the pump can't be exposed on the water level. If lack of water depth should transform into bottom suction type.

Bottom Suction Submersibl

Bottom suction type is suitable in open pool, water tank and water pressurized supply system. It can be submerged without long-term maintenance. Waste water or sandy environment can't be used but special model can be customized. Low noise and operating in low water depth. It's best water supply for metropolis. Even one third of the pump body exposed at the water level, the pump still can work.

Vertical turbine

Vertical type can choose motor drive or engine drive. It's suitable in livelihood water, factory water, agricultural water, chemical water supply etc. Structure can be customized for local environment which is reliable and durable. However, because motor drive or engine drive on the ground, it needs to consider the noise issue during design.


Wastewater type is suitable in wastewater discharge and sandy environment. This pump can submersible without long-term maintenance. It's applied to agricultural water, industrial water, domestic sewage discharge and applicable head below 40 meters.

Flood Control

Flood control type is designed driven with engine for large water quantity or flood inundation. It's the best equipment for preventing from flood or agricultural water supply. Due to the large displacement, the pump applicable head below 15 meters.


Mobile type is suitable in non-fixed water supply or flooding place. This pump is designed with engine drive, it can be delivered to disaster area for emergence. Suction head can't under 8 meters, and supply head can't over 15 meters.

CMM(M³/min) = 264.17205 GPM(gallon/min)  流量單位換算 Discharge Unit Conversion

1 CMM(M³/min) = 0.01667 CMS(M³/s)
1 CMM(M³/min) = 60 CMH(M³/h)
1 CMM(M³/min) = 1440 CMD(M³/day)

1 GPM(gallon/min)= 0.01667 GPS(gallon/s)
1 GPM(gallon/min)= 60 GPH(gallon/h)
1 GPM(gallon/min)= 1440 GPD(gallon/day)

1 GPM(gallon/min)= 0.00223 CFS(ft³/s)
1 GPM(gallon/min)= 0.13368 CFM(ft³/min)
1 GPM(gallon/min)= 8.02083 CFH(ft³/h)
1 GPM(gallon/min)= 192.5 CFD(ft³/day)


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